Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Wednesday and I'm in a Coffee House

Writing, but not writing-writing, so I need to stop it and go home.
I just needed to change my blog to keep weird music out of J. Nicholas's head.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I heard the voice of Gilbert Gottfried say

It didn’t matter back when all I wanted to do was make a racket. The more sensational, etc. the better. Lions roaring! The trumpets of the Valrikies!
But I want to speak "authentically" now, to people I care about. However, it sounds like I’m in a library, hoarse-whispering with the voice of Gilbert Gottfried. I am gears grinding, hydraulics tapping the Dumpster against the side of a truck. “I’ve never heard you like this, Sara!” A gentle chide. Hm. Well, that’s probably why you’re still reading my blog.
There was a cat food commercial once with these sped-film kittens streaking around to the roar of stock cars. A kitten close-up: his mouth says "mew! mew!" but the speakers scream, "VROOM! VROOM!"
I'm speaking kittens: "I like you," or, "I'm sorry," and it's coming out Camaro engines. Must work on delivery.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Glint of Fathom

(With props to my computer’s thesaurus)

Think smart.
Select, and reject alternatives,
with the mind
Mind over matter
Open your mind
Never mind
To have someone in mind
Put it out of your mind

Do not be alone.
You don’t want to be susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.
Or you can stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until
something else happens.
Remain in readiness for some purpose.
But while looking up the origin (French, origine)
of some word for some poem (Latin, poema)
I glimpsed fathom

in him,
belonging or relating uniquely to a particular subject,
an intermittent shine, briefly and partially,
extending not far
from the top or surface. Glimmer.
Fathom: faethm: original sense, something that embraces,
the outstretched arms, hence a unit of measurement based
on the span of outstretched arms.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's Not Thanksgiving Yet

But my phone switched over to daylight savings time automatically Sunday, and I got an extra hour of sleep without knowing it.
I accidentally dropped the espresso shot glass in the trash last night and, while it will hurtle to the very bottom like a ship's lost anchor, I reached right in and found it. (And washed it.)
The last two times I got in the car and switched on a new random radio station, I heard two obscure favorites I haven't heard in more than 100 years. I won't assuage any curiosities with the first, but the second was Duran Duran's New Moon on Monday.
I am loving me some The Cars lately, and they're everywhere. In the car, on the Muzak, in the sushi restaurant after work. "She's taking a swipe; at fun."